The colorful islands of Murano and Burano

Murano Island
Burano Island

During my November 2019 trip to Venice, I took a half day tour to the islands of Murano and Burano. With the multicolored houses and quiet streets, these two islands became two of my newest favorite European destinations.

The island of Murano is about a 30-minute boat ride from Venice and it is known for it’s hand-blown, intricate glass creations. Anything from beads to chandeliers are created by artisans that live on the island. We started our tour by arriving at a glass maker’s workshop and watched a demonstration from a professional glass blower. After watching the demonstration we were given 45 minutes to shop and explore the island before we had to get back on the boat headed to Burano.

After a 15-minute boat ride we arrived at the island of Burano. The rainbow colored fisherman’s houses is what the island is known for as well a very wide assortment of handmade lace. We were given a little over an hour to explore the city and I truly feel like that wasn’t enough time.

There are so many picturesque houses and spots for photography that I could have easily spent an entire day there. It is an Instagram influencer’s dream as you can walk down any number of streets and still find a beautiful picturesque location. There were so many people taking selfies that I felt as if I were standing under the Eiffel tower on the great Wall of China. But aside from all the people looking for the perfect selfie, there was a true sense of community in the island and the island itself felt frozen in time.

While walking through the streets, I found a small coffee shop and decided to get a sample of “bussolai buranei”. (A local butter cookie).

As I said before, I definitely did not have enough time to fully enjoy this island in all it had to offer. There were so many small alleyways or hidden shops to explore. I definitely recommend if you are going to Venice and have the time to go to Burano and Murano, you definitely do it!

The only way to get to either of the islands is by boat. You can either book a half-day tour like I did, but I highly recommend trying to do a full day tour because there’s so much to see. It is one of the most simplistically beautiful places I have been to in my life. I definitely plan on going back at some point!